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You are looking to install tape-in hair extensions but have no idea of how much do tape-in extensions cost you. This is not a simple question but the cost of tape-in hair extensions depends on various factors. The price varies with the length and volume of extensions. It also depends on the location of the salon. We are going to discuss things in detail:

How much do tape-in Extensions cost

As we discussed above it depends on various factors. Usually, It costs $200 to $800. Some of the hair extension salons provide high-quality extensions at very reasonable prices like under $300 and few of the salons provide low-quality extensions at high prices. So, you need to learn the cost process of extensions. So, that you can get a better idea of the cost before going in the market. 

Understanding Tape-in Hair Extensions

Before diving into the cost aspect, let's briefly understand what tape-in hair extensions are. Tape-in extensions are the same as their names. These extensions are installed with tape or glue. The extensions are aligned with the roots and then glued to the natural hair. These extensions need to be removed by an expert to minimize damage to the hair. If they are well cared for, the hair can be reinstalled at the root after removal.

These extensions are installed quickly and experts take almost an hour to install them. These extensions remain fit for almost 4 weeks without visiting the salon. The life of an extension depends on care. If you care a lot then extensions remain fit, healthy, and beautiful. You need to learn how to care hair extensions

Factors Influencing the Cost

Many factors influence the cost of Tape-in hair extensions. A few of them are:

Quality of Hair

The quality of hair used in extensions plays a vital role in extension costs. Is human hair sourced ethically or not?  Also, human hairs are more expensive than synthetic hair. Human hair extensions offer a more natural look and feel and can be styled and treated just like your own hair, hence commanding a higher price tag.

Length and Quantity

The length and quality of tape-in extensions play an important role in the overall cost of hair extensions. Longer extensions and a greater quantity of hair will naturally cost more than shorter lengths or fewer pieces. 

Brand and Manufacturer

Different brands and manufacturers offer tape-in extensions in different price brackets. Some of the salons charge more than $600 for low-quality hair and some of the best salons provide even Premium Remy Tape-In extensions under $300. 

Different Ranges of Tape-in Hair extensions

There are different ranges of hair extensions. We divide it into two different ranges:

Basic Synthetic Extensions: $100 to $200

Synthetic tape-in extensions are typically the most affordable option. While they may not offer the same level of realism and versatility as human hair extensions, they can still provide a quick and budget-friendly way to enhance your hairstyle.

Human Hair Extensions: $200 to $800 or more

Human hair tape-in extensions are more expensive due to their superior quality and natural look. The price can vary based on factors such as hair length, quantity, brand, and additional treatments. Expect to pay more for premium quality human hair extensions from well-known brands.

In addition to the cost of the extensions themselves, you'll also need to factor in the cost of professional application. Most salons charge a fee for the application process, which can vary depending on the stylist's expertise and the salon's location.

How to get the best price Tape-in extension?

To get the best price tape-in Hair extensions for you. You need to do a Google search and type best hair salon near me. In this way, you will get possible options for you in your area.  You can check all suggestions and read customer reviews. In this way, you will find the best hair salon in your area. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long do tape-in extensions last?

One of the best parts of having tape hair extensions is the fact that if they are cared for correctly, they can last between 6-8 weeks

What is the normal price for tape-in extensions?

Usually, it costs $200 to $600. Depends on hair Quality, length, volume, and brand. 

Can you shower with tape-in extensions?

After installing tape-ins, remind your clients to wait 48 hours until their next shower. 

Can I sleep in tape-in extensions?

Yes, you can. Just make sure to brush your hair and ideally put it in a braid or low ponytail to prevent your hair from tangling. 

Final Words

If you are looking to buy tape-in hair extensions then the price of extensions depends on various factors. Usually, you get extensions in the price bracket of $200 to $600. If you are going for high quality extension then must have a budget of $500 or above. If you have a fixed budget then go for low-volume extensions. It also depends on how smartly you find a hair salon for you. The number of hair salons providing the best tape-in hair extensions at a low price. 

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