Who is Tommy's Girl?



Tommy's Girl is an "IT GIRL". She EXUDES LUXURY. From her Hair, to her Nails, her Car, her Clothes and the smell of her perfume. This girl believes in having the best of everything!

She has The Best hair! When I say...The "BEST" I mean "Top Tier". She drives the flyest cars, has all the latest fashions, her hair styles always changes and it looks so real.

You'll honestly never know if it's real or fake, that's how good it looks. Tommy's Girl is in the know about it ALL. She's classy, sexy, fashionable, a business woman, and rarely comes on the scene; but somehow, she stays on top of her game! Very few are privileged to meet Tommy's Girl, but when they do, they're intrigued. Tommy's Girl can be standing right next to you and you'll never know it's her. She’s a show stopper, so you would certainly like to know who she is. Once you've met her, you'll never forget her. She always leaves a mark. The most memorable thing about Tommy's Girl is her Hair. She has so many things about her that stand out, but her hair was one of a kind. It was Long, Luxurious, Bouncy, and had a beautiful texture. It was something I had never seen before, and I didn't know if I would ever see it again. I've heard so many wonderful things about Tommy's Girl. I wonder if I will ever get to meet her?

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